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Date: 23/06/2010

Sherston Musul school are busy building the next classroom with some council and Community Development Funding money.

All the children at Sherston Musul are doing fine and the teachers Leah and Margaret are working very hard.

Also great news this year is that there has been plenty of water to fill up all the water tanks on the school building.

Its now starting to get dry again however as the rains stop. Musul  has now a huge number of elephants drinking from the nearby dam which is a bit of a problem and there are up to 100 giraffe. With this Musul has seen  lions stealing some goats from the bomas (villages).

All very good news from a wildlife perspective !

We have also heard some news that a small group of Sherston Musul supporters from the charity IWILLNOTCOMPLAIN, friends of Eric that Mr & Mrs Liddle helped, are planning on going to Musul in September to build the Teacher accomodation block. This will be a tremendous boost to the school as it means Kenya government teachers will now have somewhere comfortable to live and they can make use of the wonderful kitchen and food store Sherston School built earlier this year !

As soon as we hear more details we will let you know - hopefully we can show you photos of this and the other work thats helped develop our link school in Kenya !