Latest from Sherston Musul.

Latest from Sherston Musul.

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Date: 18/03/2009

Gill went to Musul today. They now have constituency development money to finish classroom 3 and to buy furniture, it may even be enough for a bit more than that (eg the kitchen).

However the community cannot do the building till it rains as there is a major drought on now.

Musul already have opened class 3, because they have put the nursery temporarily into the church.

Gill under the umbrella of Regenesis (the company setup to oversee all development on behalf of the wider community) have employed Leah Mosiany to teach Class one ... she is a local masai and is qualified in early years education. She was teaching when the team were in Kenya building the second classroom in 2007. Pauline Kesier has also been brought into class 2 as part of this assistance effort, she is a secondary school leaver.  

When more funding is available the plan is to give her some training . In addition a small stipend is being given to Lilian Losiany, another form 4 leaver  to assist and stand in for the head when he is at meetings.

The head takes class 3 and he is great.  

There has been NO government food since last June for all the community schools. This is even more of an issue with the current drought.

With all your help we may be able to raise some more funds for food for next term.