Mr & Mrs Liddle Trek up Mt Kenya to raise awareness of Sherston Musul

Mr & Mrs Liddle Trek up Mt Kenya to raise awareness of Sherston Musul

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Date: 06/07/2009

Dear Parents, We are pleased to inform you that Gordon and I will be attempting to climb Mt Kenya in August to raise more funds for the Sherston Musul School. We will be camping and climbing up Mt Kenya and hopefully ascending to 5000 metres. The entire trip and climb is being self funded by us to continue to raise awareness and hopefully raise more funds for the school during a difficult time in its life. Drought and the recent troubles in Kenya have affected its development. We will be visiting Sherston Musul to officially hand over the wonderful donations you have all raised this year. We will camp nearby and meet with the Sherston Musul school committee and village elders to discuss how best to spend the donations to help the school and its children. We hope to take pictures, meet the staff and of course the children of the villages. We also hope to meet up with Eric Kisane and Solomon during our visit to give them our best wishes. We also hope to meet the womens group who have made all of the jewellery sold at school events – we are hoping to bring back more items for next year. If you would like to sponsor Gordon and I please sign a sponsor form posted in the main entrance, Oak classroom or notice board at the front of the school. If your interested to see what is going on please visit the web site which we try to update as often as possible. May we take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the children and community of Sherston Musul for your continued enthusiastic support.

Thank you, Debby and Gordon Liddle

If you would like to donate please use the PAYPAL donation button on the Home Page for online donations. If you want to donate direct please see Mrs Liddle at Sherston School.

Please note that on a regular basis I will  transfer those donations raised through Paypal directly to the community via Gill and John Elias. Donations through the KijabeTrust go directly into the fund looked after by Gill and John Elias

Your Paypal donations will leave a record online so we know who has donated and how much. The Paypal method wholly complies with PayPal's protection programmes and following the trading guidelines, in their Security Centre