Sherston Musul about to get more help !

Date: 23/07/2010

Great News, a date of Sept 18th - September 30th has been set for the next trip to Kenya in order to help Sherston Musul again. As these dates fall into term time Mrs Liddle won't be able to come. However two of the original Sherston team, Sue Daybell and Gordon Liddle have volunteered their time and money to assist the I Will Not Complain Charity !

The I Will Not Complain team (A Kenya registered charity, based in the UK) have organised the trip and agreed to target Sherston Musuls next big requirement, the teacher accomodation. This will be a tremendous boost to the school as it means Kenya government teachers will now have somewhere comfortable to live and they can make use of the wonderful kitchen and food store Sherston School built earlier this year ! The team will be made up of the following people:

  • Sandy Foster and her husband Pete (Organiser and Project Manager for construction)
  • Dimitri Nicomanis (Film Maker)
  • Jon Peacock
  • Alison Moss
  • Phil Renshaw
  • Sue Daybell
  • Gordon Liddle
  • More to come....

The trip will be covered by the Times and documented on Film !

More news as it happens....... If you would like to donate money to help the project please either approach Mrs Liddle with your donation or click the Paypal link on the left of this page to make an online donation. We will post photos and messages from SherstonMusul and this trip here at the end of September.

Ashe oleng! (thank you very much in Maasai)

All photos (c) G.Liddle