LATEST NEWS - Jan 2011

Date: 27/01/2011

Sherston-Musul is continuing..

The sewing machine that was donated at the end of 2009 has been a success and Leah and Margaret(teachers) are in good spirits.

Last week Paulina(teacher) got married man and has moved to Mombassa, sad for the school, but he is allowing her to return in April to finish her training course.

The Teachers house is ALMOST complete though currently the teacher is still living in the kitchen. Nkiloriti Primary school is now progressing well - we donated some resources to the school on our last visit in Sept 2010. The school is going through a registration process for primary school status which will mean the government will give it some support.

I attach a picture of the beginning of Kimanjo secondary school that was built at the end of 2010. The school has progressed since this pic and will be ready for registering for the sec term in February - books, hiring teachers, and purchasing furniture needs to happen now.

Sherston Musul is a Feeder school into the Kimanjo Secondary school and Nkiloriti is in the same Musul catchement area.


I shall be in UK from April 20- May 26.