Thanks from Kenya !

Thanks from Kenya !

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Date: 08/12/2009

Kijabe Group ranch
December 8th   2009

Dear Sherston Primary School,

Thank you all – pupils, teachers and parents- for the fund raising and support that you have given to Sherston-Musul Primary school over the last year.... in this very tough year of drought your kindness has been doubly appreciated. It was wonderful to have Mrs. Liddle visit us in August and  to meet the pupils and teachers here: she did an amazing job , with Mr.Liddle, of climbing Mount Kenya to raise money for the school. The posters that Mr and Mrs Liddle bought are well displayed in the classes, making it a much more attractive environment.
October saw rains come at last to Kijabe and Musul Group Ranches and all families have now returned home from distant pastures. Unfortunately  over ninety percent of cattle have not survived , although the few that have returned are beginning to look healthy. Over half of the goats and sheep also died in the drought. For  now Musul and Kijabe  have more grass than any of the surrounding ranches, and, although November was dry, December has started with some small rain and we are hopeful for more. At present we have over 200 elephants in the conservation area, and we are having to clear roads on a daily basis for tress that they are scattering in their paths! The elephants also suffered in the drought with many of the young and even some of the adults dying from malnutrition.
On the plus side Nurse Steven and Nurse Josephine have done an amazing job, working tirelessly to take food supplements and medicines to all the sick and with your help – we have managed to keep the feeding programmes going in all the schools, and at last, Steven (Steven is a new full time paid nurse at the local clinic supported by benefactors) is now finding that children are beginning to put on weight.
Work has now begun on the building YOUR new kitchen and store at Sherston- Musul Primary- we hope that it will be completed before term begins in January.  Your new gutters are doing a good job and all the water tanks are now full. Some government funding is coming in January which will  go towards a new classroom and a teacher house. We have supplied enough books for all pupils to have one between two pupils for each subject and we have sent Lilian off to teacher training college- she has been replaced by a new volunteer.
Our next plans for Sherston- Musul, with your help, will be to purchase a sewing machine, some material  and a trainer  so that the Mums can learn to make uniforms for the nursery pupils. Then we would like to send  Veronica & Pauline on a training course and  raise some funds to enable Margaret and Leah to teach literacy classes for the adults in the afternoons- this would really benefit the whole community.
It is also the aim of the Musul ladies to continue to sell their bead work and use the proceeds to keep their sewing project going and to supply the most needy pupils with free uniforms and book bags.
Solomon is well and sends greetings to you all.... perhaps one day some of you may come and visit him here!
Next year will be as busy as ever and we are already making some plans to start building a much needed secondary school  in Kimanjo.
Happy Christmas and New Year, from us all on Kijabe and Musul  Group Ranches Sherston school  have made a real difference to the lives of many pupils here this year- well done to you all!